Wednesday, 26 January 2011

one love.

This blog was never intended as a sell-out, high end fashion wannabe but with the Paris couture shows in full swing, I couldn't resist re-posting these images from the season's Chanel offerings.
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Pastel, frilled and feathered dresses in soft tones of lilacs, pinks and blues, whispered innocence but waist-less silhouettes percolated the Grecian allure.
Glittering evening versions fell to the floor, adorned in sequins, crystals and delicate embroidery detailing.

Coveted Chanel pieces were evident in the form of the traditional bouclé wool suits that played out at the start over narrow trousers which were also intricately sequinned and crystalised.

Mr Lagerfield has hit the nail bang on the head with this collection, perfectly channeling S/S '11 through pretty, sheer dresses in monochromes and floor-skimming, pastel gowns.

Three words: pure, girlish, elegance.

Karl Lagerfield... marry me? Or design me a dress as a freebie at least.

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  1. I love the use of sliver in those gowns :D

  2. I adore this collection!

  3. abbey lee is stunning in that dress! love the collection!


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